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Mr Motion
Mr Motion is a motion design agency based in Berlin. We produce inspirational brand videos, educational explainer videos and other types of motion design videos that are tailored to your brand.

Our clear workflow guides you from an idea to a beautifully crafted video.

recent work

Find some of our most recent projects below. See our complete work for more examples.


Kodehyve was aiming to reposition its brand to appeal to a different crowd. This video was produced in collaboration with...
kodehyve frame  (4).png


EmailTree is enabling customer support teams through AI to focus on client success whilst automating repetitive tasks.
kodehyve frame  (4).png


With the release of their newly designed website, the Luxembourg Online Dictionary opted for a brand video to explain their editing process to users and the general public. The emphasis was placed on...
kodehyve frame  (4).png


Kodehyve is developing an e-signature platform tailored to the Luxembourg real estate ecosystem. Their solution enables all players in the real estate landscape to ...
kodehyve frame  (4).png


The VR & AR systems company Firis has been working on a new solution that will revolutionize the way underground cartography and topograhy is done. Their autonomous drones are able...
kodehyve frame  (4).png
Recent projects


Mr Motion is a Berlin based motion design agency. We believe in creating beautiful, functional and human videos that are built to last. We're in it for the long run and treat the agencies and enterprises we work with as partners.
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