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Animated logo

Take your logo to screens, apps and embedded contents

Who is it for?
- Established companies looking to improve their website
- SaaS companies wanting to highlight different app functionalities
Marketing goals
An animated logo can help companies that regularly produce video content and/or have a strong digital presence to elevate their brand to the next level. By including an animated logo at the beginning/end of social media videos, this helps make videos more recognizable. For companies in the SaaS or app space, an animated logo or animated symbol works great for app startup screens or even loading screens.
How the video works
A swift, smooth and well thought-out animated logo is something you can't get enough of. The rule of thumb for animated logos is simple: shorter is better. To find your ideal animated logo, we explore your needs in a brainstorming session, suggest an animation style through a moodboard and suggest 3 animated logo alternatives you can choose from.
Extras worth considering
- Animated icons for apps or platforms
- Loader animations for buffering screens
- Logo transformation (after rebrand)
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