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Brand video

Show what your brand stands for and how it has evolved

Who is it for?
- Companies with multiple services or product lines looking to consolidate their brand identity
- Organizations with a long heritage or track-record
- SME's undergoing big strategic changes
Marketing goals
A brand video can be part of the solution to reposition your brand or increase your brand perception. By building on your previous achievements and expertise in the field, a brand video can reassert your presence in the market and make it easy for your stakeholders to understand ALL of your business lines and how they fit together as part of a greater vision for your company. A brand video is a great opportunity to celebrate your partners and customers, remind them how far you've come and inform them about the vision that is still ahead.
How the video works
Brands are more than just a bunch of colors and fonts. It's more about vision, purpose and trust. To achieve this, one might use old black and white pictures of the company, make reference to historical milestones or point to important people that have inspired the company along the way. A brand video is not the place to go in-depth about your products or services, but rather an opportunity to give a hollistic impression of the company.
Extras worth considering
- Animated logo
- Anniversary video (e.g. 20th year company anniversary)
- Logo transformation for rebranding
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