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Demo video

Give your website visitors a visual demo of your SaaS platform

Who is it for?
- SaaS startups with a finished product or MVP
- SaaS companies with a newly redesigned platform
Marketing goals
First and foremost, a demo video allows you to show your intuitive user interface (UI) and highlight important features that add value to your users. This allows you to educate your site visitors about your product and qualify your leads before the y book a demo with you sales reps. In conjunction with a clear call to action (CTA) such as "book demo" or "start free trial" it can increase conversion and turn more website visitors into paying customers.
How the video works
Since you have already developed your platform, you can simply SHOW your platforms features instead of needing to explain it. By highlighting different dashboards, buttons and functionalities, you can give potential users a glimpse of what the user experience would be like.
Extras worth considering
- High resolutions stills (header, banner etc.)
- Web animations highlighting specific functionalities
- Customer onboarding videos
- Tutorial / how-to videos that guide your users
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