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Explainer video

Use imagery to reveal your solution to the problem

Who is it for?
- Early-stage startups looking for investors
- Established companies in services/consulting industries
- Companies with a highly abstract product/service (e.g. blockchain applications, intellectual property, financial industry)
Marketing goals
An explainer video helps your company explain your product or service when showing it is not an option. For instance, an explainer video makes sense for an early-stage startup that doesn't have a minimum viable product yet and wishes to get financing from investors. If you feel that you are constantly explaining your added value to prospective clients, you also might want to consider using an explainer video to inform, educate and qualify your leads.
How the video works
By making a theoretical concept visually comprehensible, an explainer video breaks down your complex solution in a concise value proposition. When done right, the classical explainer video (intro-problem-solution-outro) can make your customer's complex decision making process simpler by addressing objections and demonstrating value.
Extras worth considering
- Video translation
- Subtitling
- Social media snippets
- Animated logo
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