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Product video

Visualize and highlight features of your product

Who is it for?
- Startups looking to visualize their prototype and find investors
- Companies selling highly complex industrial or consumer machines or devices
Marketing goals
A product video or product visualization video is a video that highlights the features of a physical product through 3D animations. Compared to traditional studio videography, 3D is simply more flexible than renting a studio and letting an expert videographer do the job. Whether it's luxury watches, drones, high-end sound systems or electronic devices, the world is starting to harness the power of photorealistic 3D renders. What's more, working with 3D models of your product allows you to highlight your product in exploded view and generate camera movements that would otherwise have been impossible. If your product changes in shape, material, size or color, it can be easily changed in 3D at little to no extra cost.
How the video works
By working in a 3D environment, you can simply SHOW your product in action. You can highlight your products intelligent design, its ergonomics, its complexity or even its materials through smooth camera movements and accurate 3D representations. What's more, it allows you to visualize abstract concepts such as soundwaves, speed, signals and much more.
Extras worth considering
- High resolutions stills (header, banner etc.)
- Macro pictures of your product
- Web animations of parts/modules of your product
- Interactive 3D models
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