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Web animations

Make your website articles and descriptions come alive like never before

Who is it for?
- SME's and growing tech startups (SaaS, Paas)
- Strong brands that are looking to become fully digital in their branding
Marketing goals
Web animations are a great way to improve your current website. Good web animations are short and simple. They highlight a very specific features of your product or service and explain the value added to your website visitors. They shouldn't distract from text or pictures on your website. Instead, they should add a visual layer that is easy to understand and allow you to shorten long paragraphs of text.
How the video works
To make sure your website animations add to your brand and don't turn your website into a circus, the videos are color-matched to your website and simplified to a bare minimum to get the information across. The videos are made to loop on your website and the file size is optimized for optimal website performance.
Extras worth considering
- Social media posts based on the looping animations (ideal for TikTok or IG)
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