Through trial and error, I've found that some steps are essential to the success of your project. This is why I work by a 7 - step - approach to guide you through the project. It gives me opportunities to advise you and suggest alternatives whilst giving you plenty of room to suggest changes along the way.


Step 1 - Brainstorming 

We kick off the production process with a brainstorming session. Together, we define your personas & target audience, consider what type of video styles to consider and talk about the overall video strategy.
Mister Motion - Brainstorming

Step 2 - Moodboard

The moodboard is a visual propostion for the video that conveys the overall mood of the video. This includes a selection of great voices, color propositions, character styles, soundtracks and animations. Your team will be left with a "taste" of the video.

Step 3 - Script & Storyboard

In this step, you get to see the story for the video. Scene by scene, the storyboard shows the animations through drawings and descriptions. Along with the script, these two documents are the firm action plan for the rest of the production.
Mister Motion - Scripting

Step 4 - StyleFRAMES

Before we get to animating your scenes, you get to choose 3 scenes from the storyboard that are illustrate in the final visual style of the video. There are no more wireframes at this stage, but specific images that you will recognize in the final video. 
Mister Motion - Design

Step 5 - Correction Round 1

This is where the magic happens. Behind the scenes characters, illustrations come to life and are bound by seamless transitions. After the first half of the video is done, you will receive the file for review. 

Step 6 - Correction Round 2

After having collected your feedback in the previous corrections, I apply your desired changes, layer the sound design, tweak the animations and the prepare the final draft for your review.

Step 7 - Ready to Publish

Your video is now done. I send you the files in all desired formats and give you some last guidance before your video hits the web.